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Spraytech STS


The STS allows to change colors and completely clean the pipes in few seconds, in a completely automated way.
The average time it takes with traditional manual methods to switch to a new color is about 15/20 minutes, which is needed to unload the old product, flush the guns, pipes and load the new product.
This entire process is handled automatically by an intuitive touch screen panel with only three buttons. One button recovers the old product (with a considerable reduction in costs and waste), one button washes the guns perfectly, another one cleans and dries (with air) the pipes of the circuit; at the same time the new product, already loaded and under pressure in the second circuit, is ready to be sprayed automatically as soon as the guns finish the washing cycle. All this in 60 seconds.
It is also possible, always in 60 seconds, to stop spraying a product and spray a single leather with a different product, and then return (always in 60 seconds) to the initial product; this is particularly useful for testing new colors and products for the next batch. This system is linked to only one group of spray guns, it means less maintenance and less clutter inside the cabin and it is possible to connect up to 4 color ducts on the same gun so 4 different colors.
Spraytech STS is patented, first and still unique of its kind.
In spite of the numerous subsequent imitations, the Spraytech patent guarantees concrete results, thanks to the VTS valve and the Spraytech software that cannot be replicated outside our company.