Shaft distributor


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Shaft distributor
Shaft distributor


Spraytech has a series of patented distributor shafts which, unlike classic designs on the market, have specific characteristics designed to fit any specific spraying need.
Spraytech shafts are created with larger product ways to ensure correct flow during the work cycle, avoid deposits in the ducts and ensure more accurate washing; the air passages - crucial for HVLP spraying - are increased to decrease air pressure, consequently reducing the consumption of chemical product while maintaining maximum atomization efficiency. Our shafts are perfect for any spray gun equipment, and in tandem with our KA 300 HVLP guns they guarantee a reduction of overspray of more than 30%.
We offer several versions, with chambers and self-locking seals to avoid product loss and with chambers isolated by energized seals to speed up maintenance and reduce costs. Our shafts support maximum pressure of 120 bar and are therefore suitable for Airless and Airmix systems.
We offer models with up to 12 color ways so as to be able to install our STS, RWS systems even for multiple gun groups.
Like any Spraytech patent, our shafts can be adapted to any spray booth and are already set up to be installed also in the FLY version, above the carousel outside the Spray-booth.