Spraytech IRD tunnel


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Tunnel IRD
Tunnel Spraytech IRD
Tunnel Spraytech IRD


The infrared lamps installed in our tunnels are completely MADE IN ITALY, regulated by static groups that allow perfect control of power, consumption and radiancy efficiency.
Unlike our competitors, we offer a tunnel with temperature and humidity control and bi-metric exhaust air extraction (one for each 2m cell) to ensure maximum performance and precision, adapting to any drying need depending on the product used, the quantity sprayed, and of the desired finish.
Any option and any modification can be discussed, depending on the customer's needs, with a technical consultation without obligation.
The panels are in painted sheet metal insulated with mineral wool and sealed with a "safe-lock" system of pressurized gaskets.

Energy saving system: the customized static groups allow total control of consumption (kw), with automatic energy saving implemented by the Spraytech L.E.S.

All our tunnels, being entirely home-made and therefore customizable, can be used not only for Spraytech booths but also in tandem with other brands, or after the classic roller-coating machines.