Spraytech ECO-LUX scrubber


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ECO-LUX scrubber
ECO-LUX scrubber
ECO-LUX scrubber
ECO-LUX scrubber


With a structure made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, Spraytech scrubbers have a fan (maximum size 990mm) in anti-spark Teflon material with an optional automatic washing system, forced water recirculation pumps, pump for the nebulizer nozzles (which guarantee further cleaning of fumes and better cleaning of the scrubber itself) and 24 removable drop separators also in AISI 304 stainless steel; in addition, the ECO-LUX scrubber has a second modular and customizable filtration system, with two interchangeable filter slots for specific processes (for example, solvent spraying, catalyzed products, etc.), or for products that are more difficult to filter.
The large easy-sliding inspection doors ensure easier and faster maintenance, already greatly reduced by the WATERFLOW system of the Spraytech cabins.
The electric gearmotors make the scrubber perfect for the Spraytech L.E.S. energy saving system.
The maximum exhaust air flow rate is 20.000 m3 / h. Note: the movement of the fan is mediated by a pulley and reinforced belt which considerably reduces the vibrations emitted by the engine, minimizing noise, oscillations and wear of the parts.

OPTIONAL:integrated drawer with automated fume-check station, to warn when emissions are getting too high or the filter performance is too low.