Spraytech elliptical spray-booth


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The Spraytech Ellipse elliptical booth is designed to offer the maximum efficiency and automation that distinguish Spraytech, in a context with limited space. Entirely built in AISI 304 stainless steel and with a HYBRID (a single waterfall) system of forced recirculation water, Ellipse guarantees maximum cleaning, extreme ease of maintenance and - unique in its kind - the possibility of installing all Spraytech innovations (including our patented systems) and therefore to have a complete spraying line while enjoying considerable space savings, with consequent logistical and organizational advantages.



The side windows of the cabin are installed on a quick-release structure which - thanks to a special sliding system on wheels - makes them easy to clean in depth without having to enter the cabin, reducing maintenance times and obstacles.


The panel allows the tannery operator to activate or deactivate any function of the spraying line, simplifying the management of production and allowing for constant monitoring of the entire machine, transmitting live data such as temperature and humidity of the tunnels, conveyor speed, number of leathers and quantity of sprayed product, carousel revolutions per minute, etc. Everything in the line is controlled by our intuitive interface, which is extremely easy to use and allows you to create, save and automatically launch up to 40 recipes, with their specific production parameters; these recipes can be set directly by the customer / operator according to specific needs and workloads.


The L.E.S. Spraytech Sysytem is a software dedicated to Spraytech and non-Spraytech machines alike, as it can be integrated into the touch screen panel of any spraying booth. This system, communicating directly with the economizer, detects the presence of the leathers and then detects whether the spraying line is, in real time, in production or not (and at which stage of production); when there are no leathers (and this absence is recorded for a continuous period established with the customer, for example 5 minutes) and therefore the spraying line is not in the working phase, Spraytech L.E.S. AUTOMATICALLY reduces the power of the motors through the inverters of the line; L.E.S. finds the optimal balance between energy saving and minimum functionality of the motors, obtaining a total saving of electricity which, on fully automated lines, reaches up to 85%.


The spraying line is set up for complete remote control via internet connection, giving our technicians the ability to monitor the work process as if they were present in front of the machine, and therefore to: view alarms, test sensors, help operator in diagnostics in case of any malfunctions. It will also be possible to perform software updates on the touch screen and on PLC.


A dedicated software that alerts technicians and operators about the standard wear of the individual elements of the line, with the additional option of connecting the customer directly with the Spraytech back office for further optimization of the maintenance process.