STS system (Spraytech time saver):
saving is patented.

The STS enables a color change and full washing in few seconds, and is totally automated.
The average time to switch to a new color or product is 15 minutes, used for unloading the old product, washing the guns and loading the new product.
The entire procedure is managed automatically by an intuitive touch screen panel with just three buttons. A button collects the old product (with a remarkable cut in costs and waste), a button perfectly washes the guns and the other cleans the ducts of the first circuit.

sts plus

At the same time, the new product, already loaded and pressurized in the second circuit is ready to be automatically sprayed as soon as the guns end the washing cycle. All of this takes 36 seconds, in an intuitive and automatic way.
It is also possible in 36 seconds to interrupt spraying a product and spray just one hide with a different product – and then go back (always in 36 seconds) to the initial product: this is especially useful to test new colors and products for the following lot.

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RWS system.

The RWS (Rapid washing system) works similarly to the STS system but maintains some of the manual elements, instead of being completely automated.
Controlled by an analogical control panel with three intuitive buttons, the RWS system guarantees – like the STS – product collection, gun washing and new product spraying in 2-3 minutes, ensuring longer time savings compared to traditional color changing methods.

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energy saving on spray plants for tannery
to save energy and increase efficiency.


Among the different control systems at Spraytech, we have also manufactured the LES (Leonardo energy saving) system, equipped with an intuitive touch screen to control and set the work program parameters.
We developed it to program and control the line inverters, visualize and memorize the settings of the display, to save maximum energy, due also to the automated stand-by when work has stopped and the less air automated function, to eliminate air consumption when the systems are being washed.

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Quality and efficiency – Spraytech values.

Proud of the quality and efficiency of our products, we would like to underline our attention to the production requirements of customers: here at Spraytech, in fact, we strive to find solutions that ensure an effective costs and work time savings.


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