RINT rotary distributors by Spraytech.

Among the central shaft models are our RINT 10 (with 4 color ways), RINT 11 (with 5 color ways and available in the standard or solid body version), RINT 13 (with 7 color ways), RINT 14 (with 12 color ways) and RINT 15 (with 9 color ways).
All the models can be adapted to our painting booths and to those of other brands; also available in the AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL version, all models are suited for high pressure up to 12 bar and have 3 air ways.

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Why choose Spraytech distributor shafts?

  • Because they are more solid and resistant, and easy maintenance.

  • They are characterized by multiple color ways to implement automations as STS (rapid color change), and by larger air ways that enable HVLP technology implementation.

shorter times

More production in shorter times? We have the solutions.

We have developed systems and accessories for industrial painting for years with the goal of making their use easier and quicker. This has been enabled by technological innovation, on which we base our work here at Spraytech.
Production optimization is accompanied by waste reduction and by the excellent work management of the systems, also thanks to our saving and control devices, as the patented STS rapid color change and EPS LEONARDO.

Would you like to have more detailed knowledge of our patented rotary distributors?
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