Rotary carousel fly

The advantages of the FLY rotary carousel.

There are multiple advantages in this system: increased safety in the maintenance of the shaft and ducts – performed externally -, cleaning and lower risk of contamination in the booth, high product quality- dustless – and time saving due to the easy access and maintenance.

Rotary carousel sp100

Spraytech rotary carousels - SP 100.

These rotary devices for painting on automatic booths, designed and manufactured by our company to make customer production systems more efficient, are available in the 8, 12 or 16 arm versions, or are customizable.
All our carousels can be implemented with the optional higher/lower system.

abbattere i costi

Lowering costs
to increase productivity.

Spraytech is dedicated to optimizing the production activities of our customers through systems and accessories for industrial painting, manufactured with the most advanced technologies or with an in-depth study by our technicians on production dynamics, product saving and consequent waste reduction - the latter element being essential for our environmental protection policy.

We also focus on reducing work and maintenance times by making products – e.g. the patented STS rapid color change and EPS LEONARDO systems, with exactly the same high quality results.


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