Spray booths

Spray booths sp200

Spray booths for industrial painting.

In addition to our WATERFLOW model, Spraytech proposes the SP 200 stainless steel, rotary model spray booth, provided in the standard configuration (12 arms from one to eight groups of guns) or customized up to 24 arms each and able to support up to 8 groups of guns.

icon Refurbished spray booths.

Refurbished spray booths.

Spraytech further proposes a large range of used booths and lines, bine and professionally refurbished, which can be implemented with Spraytech systems and accessories.

manual booths

Manual booths.

Spraytech offers its services to manufacture custom-made manual booths according to the logistics and production needs of the customer. Used for testing colors and products as well as for finishing special products, our manual booths can be constructed with different dimensions and customized.

The drying cabinets to match – also customizable in dimensions and technologies, available with infrared or electric resistance – complete the Spraytech painting booth range.
An example is the Spraytech Croco-Dye booth: created specifically for manually spraying crocodile skin – a valuable product that requires careful and special work- this booth combines style with efficiency as it is designed specifically to customer requirements.

spraytech respect the environment

Increasing productivity and respecting the environment.

The added value that our customers have always relied on is the assurance of is cutting work time, lower maintenance duration and frequency, cleaning process simplicity, top quality results and lowering production costs – in favor of a lower environmental impact.


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