RINT flow regulators:
one of our patents, a new standard.

Patented innovative technology, our RINT flow regulator has become a worldwide production standard.
This tool enables the flow regulation of all the guns at the same time with a high-precision external regulator, controlled by a simple manometer located outside the booth.
Previously, the product quantity was regulated manually by opening and closing each counter device: this lead to wasting time, stopping the machine, possible human error, incongruous internal mechanism wear of the guns and consequent spray difference between one gun and another.
Instead with our RINT flow regulators, it is possible to leave the counter devices open and regulate all the guns just once (to ensure perfect spraying homogeneity between one gun and another), acting on a simple manometer outside the booth when the machine is in shutdown mode or running.
The flow regulators, in addition to drastically reducing times – by eliminating manual regulation by the operator and stopping the machine -, guarantee spray uniformity and precision and have been designed for simple maintenance.

Gun flow regulator scheme

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