complete line

The complete line that we recommend for upholstery/automotive painting.

We are specialized in providing excellent solutions for customer production needs: e.g., for upholstery/automotive painting, the excellent model we recommend investing in is a production line designed and manufactured entirely with systems and accessories produced by our company, many of which are Spraytech patented, then becoming international production standard.

The line is composed

of the WATERFLOW booth with FLY carousel,
the RINT series rotary distributor,
KA 300 and MCR Airless automatic guns,
our RINT flow regulator,
the STS saving system,
heads and wire scrapers,
drying tunnel and a blaster,
with the possibility to implement our automatic rapid color change (STS) or semiautomatic (RWS) systems,
the LES energy saving system,
the option to add ou foam generators and pneumatic stirrers.

schema complete line


Quality, innovation and saving.

Increasing the quality of results and lowering production costs is the innovation enabled by Spraytech technology. In our laboratory, we have developed painting systems and accessories based on the essential aspects required by the market: optimizing resources, increasing and consolidating the quality of the finished product, reduce waste to a minimum and reduce the environmental impact of the tanning process.

We dedicate our commitment to customers to find increasingly better solutions, even customized and meet every production need, continuing to produce excellent results that allow us to remain a reference point in the industry.


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