accessories for tanneries

Systems and accessories for tanneries.

Accessories and systems are designed in our offices and manufactured with cutting edge techniques, the result of our ongoing investments in the research and development of new solutions.

We design and construct products that adapt to existent machinery and to customer needs, and entire production lines.

Product industrialization.

The company assesses and defines the best production solution through principal parameters as quality, quantity and lower automation costs.
The work optimization studied by Spraytech enables lowering the manufacturing costs and therefore market competitiveness, always ensuring the highest production quality.
Our company has always strived to provide the best industrial painting solutions, with products designed to lower production costs and improve the quality of the results.

quality, work optimization, lower production costs

Always close to our customers.

Due to ongoing research and cutting edge techniques, our products are essential for simplifying and optimizing our customers’ work.

We provide consultancy, technical assistance, maintenance and spare parts services – in addition to a large range of accessories and spare parts of the best brands (Iwata, Krautzberger, Opitergina, Bettella, Wagner, Sata, Aircom, Devilbiss, Graco, Capitanio).

assistance and maintenance

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Customer satisfaction is our priority.
We provide friendly and helpful support for all our products.

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