HVLP painting

HVLP painting (high volume low pressure).

High air volume and low atomization pressure: this is the innovative concept on which Spraytech has based the operation of its KA 300 automatic guns for industrial painting.
To carry out product atomization, HVLP technology uses a large volume of reduced pressure compressed air: with bigger air ways, the KA 300 gun atomizes the product at pressures, previously unthinkable. In addition to significant product saving, the lower pressure enables more precise, uniform and perfectly homogeneous spraying.

Airless painting

Airless painting: saving and high quality.

This type of spray airless spray painting consists in the nebulization of the product with high pressure through our airless guns.
The advantages of this work are the time and staff saving for painting even large surfaces, a high-quality result and application versatility.
With our guns, it is possible to regulate the pressure and spray intensity, to be able to manage the product quantity needed for the specific works.


uniform product spraying

risparmio tempi e costi

More productivity at a lower cost.

At Spraytech we manufacture systems and accessories for industrial painting, focusing on the work control and management with particular attention to saving important resources – as time and costs – and the ever-increasing production quality.
This is why we look toward the future of technology: optimizing resources, cutting production costs, making maintenance and work easier, and increasing the quality of results are essential elements to enable our customers to be successful in an increasingly competitive market.


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